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The Bears and Titans are both 1-1 through two preseason games and they’ve both been plagued with inconsistency. The Bears first-string offense struggled in Week 1 as the team lost 24-17 at home to the Denver Broncos.Cheap Jerseys.Then they rebounded with a quality effort in Week 2, winning 24-23 at Arizona. The Titans have been similarly uneven, scoring just three points in a 7-3 loss at the New York Jets in Week 1. Then they rebounded in a big way in Week 2, scoring a 34-27 win over Carolina.Cheap Sports Jerseys.The 34 points scored were the most in preseason Week 2 play.We have two experienced head coaches in this contest with Mike Mularkey and John Fox, and both have slightly positive preseason winning percentages.

Despite the excitement of three years ago, when guys like Robert Griffin III briefly ‘revolutionised the league’, the rhetoric we’ve heard is how the option has been found out in the NFL. And while that is an understandable reaction (it’s nowhere near as prevalent as many suggested during RGIII’s rookie term), it kind of ignores what Shula has been able to do in marrying college concepts with pro ones to great effect.Cheap NFL Jerseys.The Carolina offense is built around the run. Cam is, as has been rightly been pointed out, an outstanding thrower capable of going through is progressions from the pocket, but this is still a run-based offense. It features virtually every running concept you can think of, from the option to the triple-option to designed QB runs. That it’s so successful is largely due to the unique Newton, who marries outstanding running ability with crucial durability.Wholesale Jerseys.However, you still have to doff a cap to Shula, the one man in the league that’s been able to crack the code of successfully implementing those aspects on the biggest stage.

The Bears offence has been mostly productive in the first two games of the preseason.Cheap Football Jerseys.While Mike Glennon looks like he’ll eventually be named the Week 1 starter, he has looked worse than rookie passer Mitch Trubisky. Glennon is a combined 15-of-26 for 109 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. Trubisky has looked poised, albeit against backups, going 24-of-33 for 226 yards and two touchdowns. He’s also added 38 yards on the ground.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.The Bears third-string passer is veteran Mark Sanchez. This is a good preseason rotation.The Titans are coming off a strong offensive effort in Week 2 where they scored 34 points, but it’s worth noting that the Carolina Panthers handed them three turnovers. The Titans only totaled 369 yards, making it one heck of an efficient day.

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